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Mainstrat is a typically networked SME that collaborates with other companies, freelancers, Universities and Research Centres Europe-wide. Collaboration is within our DNA, that’s how we provide such a wide range of services to our customers. We can offer a senior of team of Project Managers with a wide experience in European issues. If you are looking for new international business opportunities…

… we want to know about you.


MainStrat is a person-centric organization, meaning that people is the cornerstone of our organization’s success. Our consultants have a wide experience in the management and coordination of complex international projects and are highly motivated professionals who are deeply concerned about delivering excellence to our customers.

We believe that personal development of our staff is the key for our success. Based on this premise, we facilitate the continuous training of our consultants on new capacities and skills.  Added to this every consultant at MainStrat has the possibility to become a stockholding partner of an organisation with a fully horizontal structure where quality of life at work prevails over hierarchy.

We are always willing to integrate new team members. If you fulfill the following requirements…

  • Proficient use of English: You are able to negotiate contracts, write management reports, lead meetings or interviews in a correct English.
  • You have managed international projects, no matter the subject.
  • You are a self-organized, self-managed professional, good communicator and accustomed to work in inter-cultural distributed teams.
  • You are able to identify and develop new business opportunities.

… we want to know about you.