Monitoring & Analysis of European Issues

European Union institutions periodically contract studies aimed to analyse several issues along the European territory, such as:

  • The degree of implementation and fulfilment of EU regulations and directives

  • The impact attained with the implementation of specific policies

  • User feedback about EU services, websites, and printed materials

  • Key stakeholders’ feedback about EU Institutions, their services, or their processes

  • The current state and future trends of specific business sectors, or technological breakthroughs

Mainstrat has been providing professional consultancy services to several EU organizations (European Commission’s Directorates-General, EU Agencies, and the European Publications Office) in these fields since its foundation. Our approach to this type of services is based on the combination of three key elements:

  1. MainStrat’s experience and skills in the management of complex international projects of diverse topics, usually with EU wide coverage (all Member States of the Union).
  2. MainStrat’s knowledge and experience at the survey world, through all means: on-site interviews (both individual and group-based), on-line surveys, telephone surveys, and paper based ones.
  3. Mainstrat’s Network of Partners across all Member States. This network has been shaped over years of successful collaboration and comprises public and private Research Centres, Universities, and companies.

These elements allow MainStrat to face almost any type of challenge. We set-up consortia of organizations that blend the adequate level of expert knowledge in the targeted area with our survey and project management expertise.

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Our customer is an inter-institutional European organization that wants to know about how the users of its on-line services perceive them. MainStrat designs and implements a surveying strategy to give a response to this question.The main activities MainStrat performs are:

  1. Definition of the Universe for the surveys, i.e. identification of the target users by type, condition, country, or any other meaningful category.
  2. Design of the Surveys based on the requirements of the customer.
  3. Implementation of on-line surveys on a proprietary solution owned by MainStrat.
  4. Dynamization and follow-up of the on-line surveys.
  5. Realization of face-to-face and telephone surveys.
  6. Processing of data obtained through the surveys.
  7. Statistical interpretation of data.
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