Project Description

Our customer is a European Commission’s Directorate General, who wants to analyse the current status and degree of transposition of a certain EU Regulation, as well as the National plans for the future.

MainStrat designs and implements a project to satisfy our customer’s needs. The main activities of the project have been:

  1. To gather information from Ministries of Justice, Notaries and equivalent Associations of the 28 Member States about the status of the EU Regulation and their plans for the future . This activity involved a heavy interaction with public bodies, private associations and professionals.
  2. To revise, validate, and cross check the vast amount of information received.
  3. Using our Network of national expert legal correspondents covering all 28 Member States, to contrast, validate, and complement the information received.
  4. To gather the opinions from key European Associations on the matter.
  5. To execute a massive EU wide survey towards involved legal professionals (+10.000 recipients), on their opinions and preferences for the future.
  6. Processing of data, statistical interpretation of data, consolidation of all findings, and analysis. The reporting included 28 Country Specific reports.