Project Description

Hosting of an Open Source eLearning Platform for an EU Agency

The scope of the contract is the provision of hosting, maintenance and support of an EU agency’s open source web platform for police training. Our main activities are:

  •  Hosting. We act as an intermediary for the agency, subcontracting the hosting to a Data Center with a wide experience in hosting for EU agencies, ensuring reach and service availability for tha agency’s dedicated infrastructure. Mainstrat monitoris the SLA requirements that need to be achieved to provide an optimum navigation experience to the agency’s users and to comply with the SLA performance levels established in the contract.
  •  First Level and Second Level Helpdesk Support Services. Provision of 1st and 2nd level support services for a limited number of the agency staff. We use a self developed tool for the automated registration, management and reporting of support requests (ticketing system). Incident Requests and Change Requests are also handled by the same tool.
  • System Monitoring Performance. Monitoring of bandwidth consumption, server performance (CPU utilization, Memory, Disk, Disk bandwidth), back-up systems and networking elements (load balancers, routers). Timely alerts are generated to troubleshoot problems or prevent potential ones
  • Website Monitoring Performance. Web monitoring including web response time and availability. Timely alerts are generated to troubleshoot problems or prevent potential ones.
  • SLA metrics control. Web monitoring and system monitoring measurements are subject to the SLA established with the agency. The project incorporates a management system developed by our Data Center based to manage SLA metrics measurements and assess compliance with the SLA.
  • Maintenance. Including all tasks related to hardware & software maintenance in their different life cycles (adaptive, perfective, corrective, and preventive)


Monitoring methods for measuring web availability and response time based on Nagios technology. The system incorporates a combination of monitoring nodes external to the servers and Nagios NRPE plugins deployed within the servers.

The following parameters are monitored:


  •  Website monitoring.
  •  Web Application Monitoring.
  •  URL Monitoring.
  •  HTTP Monitoring.


  •  Availability.
  •  Database and table sizes.
  •  Cache ratios and other key.
  •  Metrics.


  •  Operating system metrics.
  •  Service state.
  •  Process state.
  •  System usage.


  •  CPU.
  •  Memory usage.
  •  Number of users.
  • Disk and disk bandwidth.