Project Description

Web analytics of an EU Portal

Our customer is an inter-institutional European organization that wants to know the impact achieved with their public sites. They need to answer questions such as:

  1.  How many repeating users do we have? Where are they from? How do they connect?
  2.  What is the mean time our visitors invest in our sites?
  3. How effective a specific dissemination campaign has been?
  4. What has been the impact of the redesign of our front-end?
  5. Can we identify patterns of use by type of user, country, etc?

MainStrat provides a network of European nodes that continuously monitor the specified target sites. Our staff, making use of a blend of technologies such as Webtrends, Piwik or Google Analytics together with our own collection of analytical tools, provides then an expert answer to the questions of our customer. The service is that flexible that it is possible to easily adapt it to give a response to any new question the customer might have at any time, or to apply any contextual constraint that needs to be observed in the computation of the data. The Project Manager periodically reports the results to the customer and any incident that may occur is reported by means of a JIRA instance available for our customer and Mainstrat’s staff.