Project Management is an exceptionally complex discipline that has a direct influence on the success or failure of a project. Complexity of Project Management activities resides on two relevant factors:

  1. Despite following a systematic approach for every project, a Project Manager has to deal with multiple variables in a, most of the times, changing and evolving environment.
  2. Project Management comprises several processes and knowledge areas such as Scope, Time, and Cost Management, Human Resources Management, Risks Management, Quality Management, Stakeholders Management or Communications Management.

This is why Project Management requires competent professionals that agglutinate specific knowledge, skills and capacities. Added to a deep knowledge about Project Management processes and methodologies they must have a solid strategic insight of the project objectives and their alignment with corporate strategies, as well as being good and empathic communicators, resilient, and with a deep diplomatic and consensus-meeting character.

MainStrat counts on a team of Project Managers holding international certifications such as IPMA or PMP, who have been trained to deal with the most complex situations in projects of different types, and can actively act as Project Managers or provide consultancy to organizations on Project Management issues.

Our vision and mission

We like to see ourselves as a Project Office that provides Project Management services to organisations of any type (public and private organisations, institutions, enterprises, universities, research centres).  The mission of our Project Office is to make organisations benefit from the effective use of Project Management tools and methodologies: either by being an outsourced Project Office/Project Manager, or by helping the organisations to implement specific tools and methodologies for any of the different Project Management areas.

With our Project  Office we acquire a firm commitment with our customers to:

  • Achieve shorter times to market
  • Continuously align projects with business requirements

  • Control project costs and minimize risks

 Main Services

We provide Project Management as a Service to public and private organizations Europe-wide. The mains services we provide in this area are:

  • Professional Project Management, Project Assessment or Project Office Management for the  organization.

  • Introduction of the “Management by Projects” concept within the organization.

  • Development of specific Project Models adapted to the needs of each organization.

  • Training courses in Project and Portfolio Management tools and techniques.

ISO 9001 Certified Project Management

We count on an ISO 9001 certified Project Management system that includes a broad range of management areas:

  • Project Integration

  • Project Scope

  • Project Quality

  • Project Schedule

  • Project Cost

  • Project Human Resources

  • Project Communications

  • Project Risk

  • Project Procurement Management

  • Project Stakeholder Management