RTD & Innovation Programmes Management

We particularly offer RTD & Innovation Programmes Management services to Public Bodies, such as:

  • Definition of RTD and Innovation Programmes and support to its implementation, including:
    • Settlement of the objectives and selection criteria of the programme.
    • Establishment of project motivation and identification mechanisms.
    • Elaboration of templates.
    • Elaboration of procedures and workflows.
  • Management of RTD and Innovation Programmes, including:
    • Selection and assessment of evaluators.
    • Assignment of proposals to evaluators.
    • Management of the whole evaluation process and panelling of proposals.
    • Elaboration of different simulations for budget distribution.
  • Dissemination of the programme’s results.
  • Ex-post Programme evaluation.

Our consultants are also expert evaluators and reviewers, having been involved in the Evaluation and Review of regional, national and European projects.

RTD & Innovation Management

Innovation is defined as an iterative process initiated by the perception of a new market or new service opportunity for a technology based invention which leads to the development, production and marketing tasks striving for the commercial success of this invention (OECD, 1994). There are lots of definitions for Innovation, but from our perspective the one that best suits companies is the one proposed by Dr. Paul Trott, which describes it as follows:

 “Innovation is the management of all the activities involved in the process of idea generation, technology development, manufacturing and marketing of a new (or improved) product or manufacturing process or equipment”.

MainStrat offers services in all the Innovation Life-Cycle: from the inception of ideas to their implementation and launch. Some of the services we offer in this field are:

  • Creation of Innovation Offices within the companies, including the definition and implementation of Innovation Strategies, Policies and Procedures at all the stages of the Innovation Life-Cycle. making special emphasis on Agile Innovation Processes.
  • Support to specific stages of the Innovation Life-Cycle, such as:
    • Organization of inspirational workshops at idea inception stage making use of different Creativity Boosting techniques.
    • Support to the prioritization and selection of ideas for implementation applying techniques such as Nominal Group.
    • Implementation of tools for idea generation and management.
    • Exploitation of the results of Innovation Processes.
  • Innovation Auditing: evaluation of the innovation capacity of the organizations based on their organizational police, the implementation climate, management support, availability of financial resources, learning orientation and managerial patience. We provide 360º studies combining our experience in surveys methodologies and techniques in different knowledge areas with our experience in innovation management with aim of understanding the Innovation Potential of the companies.

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  • Training and support to NBTs’ promoters and staff.
  • Search of public and private funds for the implementation of the Innovation Strategy.

Prior to Innovation, we also provide services to public and private organizations in the Research process. Our consultants are knowledgeable about national, regional and European research programs having ideated and coordinated successful projects for several EU Framework Programmes (from FP4 to Horizon 2020). The type of services we provide in this area are:

  • Ideation of projects and proposal writing, including creation of consortia.
  • Technical and Financial Management of RTD projects.
  • Implementation and Management of RTD Evaluation Programmes for public institutions.