The history of MainStrat is the history of a group of senior international consultants who, in the year 2002, decided to join forces with the aim of creating a company that would deliver high added value project management services  to national and international public institutions, with a differentiating factor: flexibility. The size of our project teams, as well as their independency from other areas of the company, allow for fast reaction times, and flexibility in adapting to changing customer needs.

The firm was settled in Bilbao, with a co-operative legal nature, and a flat hierarchy (organised by projects), where senior consultants own the company. The company was created as totally independent since its inception, from both other companies and financial institutions. This freedom allows us to always work impartially.

We see ourselves as a Project Office  where every new project is born as an independent unit, led by a senior consultant, and staffed both using internal staff members and external partners.

Since the foundation of the company our consultants have been delivering high quality project management and consultancy services to national and European public institutions, as well as private companies.

Along the years, we have covered several knowledge areas, such as IT Projects, Surveys, Management support services, EU Studies, Programme Management services, and support to RTD.

Over these years MainStrat has become a reputed provider of consultancy and project management services for many European Institutions, as well as most European Agencies, with an unmatched track of customer satisfaction. Flexibility, availability, fast response times, high quality at every deliverable, and absolute adherence to deadlines have been the keys for this satisfaction.

MainStrat’s consultants have been working with EU institutions for over 20 years.

Our Philosophy

In opposition to the prevailing consultancy business ruled by large international companies, we have always pursued to build a distinctive consultancy concept based on five firm mottos:

Empathy, because we always want to know our customers very well. We try to step into their shoes and experiment their needs and struggles.

Humanity, because we understand that our customers and collaborators are the organizations and their people, who have specific needs and wills.

Professionalism, because we will always perform our work based on the highest quality standards, following internationally proven methodologies and tools.

Flexibility and availability, because we always adapt our processes and ourselves to the needs of our customer.

Transparency, because we want to build long-term relations with our customers and collaborators, and transparency is the mother of trust.

Our associate consultants are highly motivated professionals who have these premises in mind when providing services to our customers. We always offer flexible solutions, delivering on time and with high quality.

Our Network

We give response to a wide range of needs of our customers such as expert advice in Project Management, studies in different fields, or support in Software Engineering practices. Since no one can be an expert in all the knowledge areas we draw on the skills and expertise of a large and solid network of partners (freelancers, Research Centers, Universities, and private companies) carrying out different activities (e.g. software developers highly specialized in specific technologies, surveying companies, individual experts in different fields, etc). Partnering is a deeply entrenched habit in us.This network gives us the capacity to address a really wide range of customer needs, while dedicating our internal resources to what we understand are the most critical project areas to keep the customer fully satisfied.